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Info for Lat/Long (49.577429, 15.317651)

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 Field  Info Reverse-geocoded location
 Lat, Long (DDD) ??.?????????, ??.?????????
 Lat, Long (DMM) ??° ??.??????', ??° ??.??????'
 Lat, Long (DMS) ??° ??' ??.????" N, ??° ??' ??.????" W
 Address or place
Get info about lat/long coordinates by doing either of these:
- Enter the lat/long coordinates and press the button Find Info.
- Click the place or location on the map.
- Drag the red map marker to the desired place or location and drop it there.
Location to reverse-geocode Indicates the location that it was reverse-geocoded.
Reverse-geocoded location Indicates the actual location for which reverse-geocoded information was found.

Get Lat/Long coordinates of places in directions searched recently (geocoding)...

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