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Maps of Toronto

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Map of Toronto on MapQuest

This map of Toronto is displayed using one of the Map Services from MapQuest (MapQuest Open). You can use the following functionality: Zoom-In, Zoom-Out and Panning.
Please, note that on the left-hand side of this page there are links to other Maps of Toronto. There you will find the Map of Toronto as provided from at least three of the most popular Interactive Mapping Services; for example, Google Maps, Bing Maps or MapQuest. As you browse through all these different (interactive) maps of the same place you will notice that some of them show features and landmarks that you cannot find on the others. The labeling is also different from one map to the other and as you zoom in those differences become more evident, so you should try them all until you find the one that gives you what you are looking for. Do not forget that with some of these services you can get a satellite or aerial view of the place (when available for the area in question), so go ahead and try them as you please.
You will find as well, that for some places beside the abovementioned interactive maps there are also links to some maps of interest. These could be; for example: maps of climate, time zones maps, historical maps, political maps and others. The idea is that you could find here most of the different kind of maps for a given place, so feel free to let us know if you could not find on this page the map that you were looking for (see link below for feedback).
Also, on the left of this page (more to the bottom) you will find links to maps of other places within the same country (Canada).
If you liked to see here the map of some specific place you could let us know through our Feedback page.

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