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 2.50 stars

Instructed ti start off on bates hill and I have no idea where that idea where the southeast lies..."suddenly realized who the robots are....the one handling has deserted.

 4.50 stars

This route is much better. More direct, less traffic and more simple!

 0.50 stars

Direction was incorrect

 1.00 stars

Very confusing and doesn't make sense because I live in the area. Turn left on the street then onto another street then back onto the original street. Get outta here.

 1.50 stars

Close, but not correct. Destination is on the right, not the left. Good thing I know the area a little...

 0.50 stars

No distances given.

 5.00 stars

5 stars - never had any problems- tks Map Quest

 1.00 stars


 0.50 stars

The worst possible experience with your site

 0.50 stars

I hate toll roads. I do not want to take toll roads. Please stop automatically routing me through toll roads.


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